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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, live at Hultsfred festival 2012. A warm and dusty evening in the middle of Småland. The last gig in Hultsfred for TSOOL. This evening, the band had a distinguished visit backstage, legendary producer Butch Vig came to see the band one last time. Bryan David "Butch" Vig (born August 2, 1955) is an American musician and record producer, best known internationally as the drummer of the Madison, Wisconsin-based alternative rock band Garbage and the producer of diamond-selling album Nevermind by Nirvana. In 2012 Butch Vig ranked number nine in NME's Top 50 Greatest Producers Ever. The Soundtrack of Our Lives, often abbreviated T.S.O.O.L., was a Swedish rock band that was formed in Gothenburg in 1995 and disbanded in 2012. All lyrics are sung in English. The band's style draws heavily on sixties and seventies punk and rock, such as Rolling Stones and Iggy and the Stooges. Psychedelic rock forms another strong influence, and psychedelic and mystical references are also prominent in the band's lyrics and aesthethics. The abbreviation 'OEOC', which features on all their albums, refers to the phrase "as above, so below" from Hermeticism. The Soundtrack of Our Lives was originally formed by Torbjörn "Ebbot" Lundberg, Björn Olsson, Ian Person, Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm, Fredrik Sandsten and Martin Hederos. Several members, including vocalist Ebbot Lundberg, had previously played in the punk rock band Union Carbide Productions. Olsson, who as guitar player had helped craft the band's sound, left T.S.O.O.L. after its first release, Welcome to the Infant Freebase - which found wide acclaim in Sweden - to pursue a solo career. He was replaced by Mattias Bärjed, who, like other members, has also engaged in solo and spinoff projects. Tours and releases The band found critical success in the United States in 2002, with their third album Behind the Music, released the previous year in Sweden. It was nominated for the Best Alternative Album award at the 2003 Grammy Awards. They toured the US in 2002 with Oasis in support of their album Behind the Music. Their double album Communion was released in November 2008. After a tour of the US the band announced that they were working on their next record Throw It Into the Universe. In October 2010, the band announced it would be releasing their first 'Best Of' compilation entitled Golden Greats no. 1. According to a statement on the their website: "The band has spent much of the summer of 2010 in Svenska Grammofonstudion where they remastered the original recordings and in part picked up nuances that somehow went missing. With the carefully restored and remastered versions we are invited to TSOOL classics in a way we never heard them before." In early 2012, the band announced on their website that their latest album, Throw It to the Universe, was complete. The album was released on April 18, 2012. Lead singer Ebbot Lundberg stated in a recent interview with Intro Magazine that Throw It to the Universe would be the band's final album, stating that he felt it completed the band's journey. The band performed its last show on December 12, 2012 in Stockholm. Songs featured in popular culture Their track "Instant Repeater 99" is played during the closing credits of the 2002 film Spun Their track "Sister Surround" was included on the "jukebox" of EA Sports MVP Baseball 2003 while "Karmageddon" is featured on EA Sports' NHL 2005 and Fifa Football 2005 video games. Their track "Bigtime" featured as the theme of WrestleMania 21 and on the soundtrack of the PAL version of Gran Turismo 4. Their track "Mother One Track Mind", was also featured on the Gran Turismo 4 soundtrack. T.S.O.O.L. songs "Sister Surround" and "Ten Years Ahead" both appear on the In Good Company soundtrack as well. Their track "Second Life Replay" was also featured during an episode of the fourth season of Californication.

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