Indian cows and cars

Indian cows and cars Went on a hunt for cows driving on a Royal Enfield 500cc with a Nikon D3 on the shoulder. Saw an interesting car graveyard along the way and thought I saw a cow among car wrecks. I sat down amongst the wrecks and slowly approached a group of cows from different directions. Sensed a certain wonder in their eyes over my presence. After an hour they ever arrive at me, licked my sandal bear feet. Discovered that I posed no threat. Mutual trust was established. The images are the result of this meeting. The place is Old Goa in India, Mantovi river flows quietly by. Cows strolling along the roads. Eat what is offered, lick the residue discarded along the roadside. Ingests much plastic. A local man told me that veterinarians cut open the stomachs in the worst-affected cows, picked out the plastic and sewed them together again. Along the way. The cows are homeless, sacred, and hungry.

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