Swedish Cows with Attitude

Rebel vegan cows in fair gold frames. In some of the pictures glow frustration . Maybe facing the knowledge that everything is finite . Senses also a certain amount of anger in his eyes. Perhaps the realization that 70 percent of the world's agricultural land is occupied by meat production. Do I also see pride, curiosity , wonder and joy in the golden images. Maybe filled their minds of the idea that everything can change. Maybe they heard about a new revolutionary product that can reduce meat consumption by 50 percent. In Sweden we consumed 85 kg of meat per capita in 2010. Since 1990, the eating of meat increased by 40 percent. UN predicts that total meat consumption worldwide will double by 2050. The poor are starving not because there is a lack of food - but because they can not afford to buy food. Soon it's a billion people who can not afford food for the day . Rising oil prices , rising demand for agrofuels and matspekulation has driven up fuel prices in recent years. But the main factor that keeps global food prices up is our enormous meat consumption. Just over one percent of the world crop area is used today to produce biofuel , while 33 percent goes to grow feed for livestock industry . If we include also pastures , it is a full 70 percent of the world's agricultural land occupied by livestock industry . By substantially reducing meat consumption , we can free up most of the world's arable surface. This means that we could saturate 10 billion people, while we stop soil degradation and deforestation.

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